Shipping policy

PostMyBeer uses various logistics partners to always obtain the most advantageous rate for customers, weighed against the services offered. 

PostMyBeer also does everything it can to ensure that shipments are always as successful as possible. However, it can always happen that an unforeseen incident occurs with a shipment. If PostMyBeer is informed about this by the logistics partner, PostMyBeer will try to solve such cases proactively. 

Should there still be an incident with the delivery, please contact us via or via the contact form on the website and we will try to resolve this as quickly as possible. 


The following rates (including VAT) apply to PostMyBeer shipments to the countries listed below: 

Belgium (national shipping): €8.23

Nederland8,56 €


Germany: €11.48

Keep in mind that each beer box weighs approximately 4 kg (which also explains the above shipping rates).

Local Delivery (currently only possible in postal codes 9170 and 9100): one-off contribution of €3

Pickup: free

Of course we always do our utmost to always negotiate the lowest shipping rates, or to use the provider that offers the best price versus quality.